Adventure activities in New Zealand

Mar 27, 13 Adventure activities in New Zealand

Adventure activities in New Zealand : It’s hardly surprising New Zealand is a Mecca for adrenaline junkies given its abundance of stunningly beautiful natural features which are crying out to be explored, rafted down and jumped off. There is no part of this rugged terrain considered too extreme to tackle, whether it’s the unforgiving waters of River Valley on the North Island, or the imposing and unpredictable Franz Josef glacier on the South. Here’s our guide to five of this verdant land’s most white knuckle inducing adventures, along with some essential safety considerations.

White water rafting, River Valley, Taihape

New Zealand’s North Island boasts some of the most challenging white water anywhere in the world, nowhere more so than River Valley, which has ten sections of Grade 4-5 (the most extreme) rapids along its foamy, swirling route. Taste the anticipation as you snake along the river, taking a breath on a tranquil section, only to hear the bubbling of water just around the corner. With powerful rapids and large drops all along the river, falling overboard and capsizing are real risks. Essential safety equipment includes a lifejacket and a helmet, which will be provided on arrival.


Black Abyss caving, Ruakuri Cave, Waitomo

There’s no easing yourself into the day at this North Island attraction, with a 37 metre abseil the only way into the cave. This is the hair-raising start to a five-hour tour which guides you through a secret and hidden abyss formed beneath the sea over 30 million years ago.

The journey is nothing if not varied. Rather than simply walk, you will be required to jump, zip-wire and wade your way through the freezing waters, eerily lit as you do by the cave’s resident glow-worms.

To tackle the Ruakuri Cave you should be moderately fit and minimum age restrictions do apply. All safety equipment will be provided, including wetsuits, helmets and abseiling equipment.

Skydiving, Lake Taupo

New Zealand provides its visitors with plenty of opportunities to hurl themselves (safely) out of a plane, but in Lake Taupo, they have arguably the world’s most spectacular drop zone. After climbing to either 12,000 or 15,000ft, depending of course on your budget and relative sanity, you will then be strapped to a friendly local, who you will wear, like a human backpack, as you plummet towards the turquoise blue waters of Lake Taupo at over 200km/h. Fortunately this human backpack is an expert skydiver, and when the time comes he will pop open the chute and steer you safely back to terra firma.

Franz Josef glacier hike, Franz Josef

The sleepy little town of Franz Josef on the South Island is the unlikely setting for an icy colossus. The Franz Josef glacier provides those daring enough with a chance to live out their childhood dreams of becoming a fearless explorer. The full day-hike will see you strap on your crampons and disappear deep into the cold heart of this crevasse filled glacier, led by an expert guide who will hack your route from the age old ice.

Auckland Bridge Climb, Auckland

We couldn’t write a guide to adventure activities in New Zealand without talking about one of the country’s many bungees. The Auckland bridge climb allows you to do just that, before hurling yourself to the waters below.

Combine one of the best views of New Zealand’s capital with the thrill of plummeting 40 metres from the bridge’s bungee pod.


All of these activities are run by experts with every safety consideration ensured; however, if you or a family member is involved in an accident through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to compensation for a head injury

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